And so, am I a triathlete, yet?

I've been thinking about this a lot. I'm a lot of things, but how do I know when I'm able to call myself a triathlete?

When I wake up everyday, I'm always something-or-another. I'm a wife, a grad student, a college lecturer, a computer instructor, a consultant, and more. I know I'm a step-aerobics addict, a snowskier, and a jogger. These make up a part of me and have for a long time. But am I a triathlete?

I suppose that it's a state of being; it's being the triathlete. I guess doing it, staying with it, and practicing for it makes one a triathlete? I eat with it in mind, I drink with it in mind, I sleep with it in mind, and I wake with it in mind. It's just funny because in the past I would never have called myself an athlete, let alone calling myself a TRIathlete. I mean, that's three sports. Three sports in which I'd be an athlete. I suppose my biggest problem is that I don't think I look like an athlete. I look so ... normal. Well, except for my "man-calves!" Those aren't so normal. So maybe I am an athlete ...

But I did it, liked it, and am doing two more this season. I train 6 days a week because of it. I've particpated in one Tri Sprint. I'm

training for two more. (Does that qualify? Where is that line?) When is the moment I finish and yell, "I'm a triathlete?"

Could I say I'm a triathlete? I suppose so. If not yet, hopefully it's

soon, because I'm planning on doing this for as long as my body can withstand it. Masters 60+ here I come (in ~30 years!)