Week 15, Monday 10/3 - Run

Training stats for the day's run ...

Monday, October 3, 2005

The Run

Location: Harding Ave.-->VT-->Huckleberry Trail-->VT-->Harding Ave. (Virginia)

Distance: ~5 miles

Terrain: Hilly, paved

  • 5 Minutes - Warm-up: 4-6% grade; 5 minutes: 5.5 mph.

  • 30 Minutes - 4-6% grade; 6.0+ mph.

  • 20 Minutes - Intervals: 0-1% grade; 9 minutes at 5.0 mph; 1 minute at 3.5 mph.

  • 5 Minutes - Cooldown: 0-1% grade; 5 minutes at <5.0 mph;

  • BPM: Unknown (HRM broken)


So, I'm in my new prospective school area. Thought I'd make some new friends and go for a run with the VT Tri Club that "welcomes people of all abilities." They're really nice, but they're all really young, male, fast runners. I felt really old, fat, female, and embarrassed. I had to snail-crawl walk while I was out with them because I simply couldn't breathe! That's never happened before. It was like I was trying to breathe through a wet towel over my mouth! Maybe it's the humidity here? Or maybe I was just oxygen-starved? Who knows, but it was brutal! I'm determined to run a lot more while I'm here and to really get moving on these hills.