Bookworm + Exercise = Audiobooks?

Lisa posted a comment that made me think about how I’m spending my time. I interviewed for a library position today over in Christiansburg and I’m actually quite excited. I realize that my availability to work isn’t the greatest (with all those “edukashun korses” I have to attend in the afternoons at VT starting August 21st), but I think the interview went really well. At least, I really enjoyed the 40 minutes I spent with Pam and Cindy.

Like I was saying before … Lisa posted a comment, “Don’t you just love libraries … all those books!” And I do. I really do love libraries. I love that they provide a plethora of books for my “mental escape” which actively exerices my gray matter. I love that they provide (and stand up for!) books that may otherwise be censored or banned. I love that it costs nothing to go in, sit, read or check out one or many books; I love that libraries provide opportunities for meeting with others who share a similar interest while encouraging the sharing of different perspectives. There’s little wonder why I loved being an English undergrad … The only drawback is that for every minute I’m reading, I’m not tri training and vice-versa … Therein lies the rub …

Can a bookworm get the same enjoyment and effective mental fitness from audiobooks while also finessing the body?

  1. How many of you use (or have tried to use) audiobooks as part of your workout/training routine?
  2. What are some pros/cons of it?
It just may be something I’m going to have to try out …