Triathlon questions for my research! Help me out and answer!

Hey fellow Triathletes,

I’m writing a paper for my Educational Philosophy and Technology course and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions and if you’d write me back ASAP so that I could cite you in my paper (as anecdoctal/personal communication)? This paper is not being published and it’s nothing formal. I just wanted to put a more personal touch into my research topic.

My paper is titled, “Refining the Body: Technology in multisport (triathlon) athletics”. Viewed from a John Deweyan perspective, I have a few legs of research in particular I’m covering: triathlete habits/identity (inside and outside of the community), desires, and technologies (diet/nutrition, exercise/training, legal “drugs” (like creatine), illegal drugs (doping), physical equipment/gear).

Please respond either via email or by posting your answers below (it will be public, remember). If possible, I’d love to have the answers ASAP, and preferably by 8 PM tonight …


Here are my questions. (You can answer all or only some of the questions. Be as long or brief in your answers as you’d like.)

Habits / Identity

  1. Describe who you were before participating in triathlons.

    1. Describe how you generally felt about yourself and your life at that time.

    2. Why do you think that was the case?

  2. Describe yourself now.

    1. Did you define yourself as a triathlete?

      1. Why or why not?

    2. How long have you been a multisport athlete or triathlete?

    3. What did you have to do/experience to transition between who you were before triathlons to who you are now?

  3. What effects, if any, has multisport athletics had on you?

  4. Describe the 3 most important ways triathlons have changed or modified you (can be about you, your environment, your habits, your social circle(s), etc.)

  5. Describe the role that the multisport community plays in your training? (Workout buddies, moral support, etc.)

  6. What are the 3 most useful things that you simply hate to train or race without? (I’m asking about the little “extras” like a special pair of socks, or your HRM, for example.)

  7. Describe your typical race morning, being sure to include any habits or superstitions that may arise.

  8. Are you currently training for at least two of the three sports?

    1. Why or why not?

  9. Which segment (swim, bike, run) of the sport do you enjoy the most?


  1. What are your triathlon goals for next season?

  2. How do you assess your progress? (Do you compare yourself via rankings, using personal best/records, other?)

  3. Describe the ideal triathlete.

  4. If you have one, who is your multisport hero?


  1. What technologies do you use as part of triathlon training or racing?

  2. You keep a blog as part of the Trifuel Triathlete community. Explain why and what role blogging plays for you as part of the multisport world.

  3. Do you monitor your nutrition/diet?

    1. Briefly describe how (i.e., South Beach, following Carmichael’s plan, reduced/increased calories, etc.)

  4. How many hours …

    1. per day do you train?

    2. per week do you train …

      1. on average?
      2. during peak?
      3. during off-season?

  5. Have you ever taken or used any vitamins, supplements, or other legal replenishers/enhancers/reducers as part of multisport training or racing?

    1. Why or why not?
    2. Did you perceive it as working?

  6. What technologies would you never consider using as part of your multisport training/racing?

  7. What are the 3 most valuable technologies in your opinion?

  8. What is your attitude towards the equipment/gear used in triathlons?

  9. What are the 3 most important equipment/gear purchases you’ve made for the sport?

Other comments or additional information:


Amber D. Evans