Life is too short. Time escapes us too quickly. For: Alan Garrett Hanson

I have nothing happy to post today. Only a few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Chuy, passed away. Now, I’ve just learned that my best friend from high school, Garrett Hanson, has passed away. Read his obituary. Leave a Legacy if you knew him.

Oh, Garrett? Why? I missed you so much these last ten years. I was finally coming to visit you this year. (We planned as much, don't you remember?) 30 years of a celebrated life--together. But not now. And not ever again. My heart breaks. It really does.

With my devotion to my studies, I haven’t much time to make friends. There’s no familial support network here for me and even fewer people I’d really call “friends” to lean on during this time. It’s lonely here for me; now it seems like the ones I do have (back home or elsewhere) are dying left-and-right and I’m so terribly isolated.

There’s not enough time. There’s not enough swimming, biking, or running enough to diminish the pain and sadness I feel. But I’m going to ride today, tomorrow, and this weekend like it could. I’m so angry inside. I fully intend to do some meditative yoga and then go for a long, painful, cathartic cycling ride. I want to break my body, so my soul can be free of this pain. Break the body, so the soul can be reborn.

== Alan Garrett Hanson ==
A most beautiful man, inside and out. His beauty … he spent more time on his hair and more time in the bathroom than I ever did. Ha, ha. Now, I’ll never be able to tease him about that ever again. I have to say, whenever I was with him he dressed me up and made me out to be the most beautiful young woman there ever was. He was fun, yet so classy. He could make the sourest of grapes laugh. You couldn’t help but be beautiful when escorted around on his arm–he had that effect upon everyone. I miss that already.

Garrett was my best friend in high school and the most passionate person I’ve ever known. No one could make me laugh-until-I-cried like he did! I knew we’d always be friends forever regardless of distance or time elapsed, but now the distance is too far and the time has escaped us both. I doubt he ever knew the profound impact and the meaning he had upon me and in my life. I wish I had told him–especially–more often. His artistic abilities was beyond anything I’d ever know; I’ll forever remember the bird in the green foliage watercolor painting he did in our art class together. It was the most magnificent art piece produced in that class. He was an incredible spark that fizzled away too quickly. When he left CA, he took the sunshine with him. I traveled East hoping to find it again. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to his friends and family. His passing is a great loss to us all. — Amber D. (Gustafson) Evans, 3/28/07.