My "car-lite" life requests an "Xtracycle FreeRadical Hitchless Trailer"

My car-lite life makes me want one of these: Xtracycle FreeRadical Hitchless Trailer

FreeRadical Hitchless Trailer Kit - convert your bike (26")

FreeRadical Hitchless Trailer Kit - convert your bike (26")

The FreeRadical comes with everything needed for seemlessly adding a trunk and a backseat to your bicycle. It is an attachment for your bicycle that deftly shifts your rear wheel back 15 inches and transforms your existing bike into a Sport Utility Bicycle.

Imagine your favorite bike with the rear wheel stretched out behind the seat, a big, stable platform for a load or a passenger, and elegant saddlebags (we call them FreeLoaders -- click the link to see what makes them so functional) on either side that are expandable when you need them and are cleanly out of the way when you don't. Best of all, your bike is still lightweight and fast, and because the load is centered between your two wheels, the whole package handles with ease. Suddenly you have much less need or desire to drive around town for your errands. Picture this: a breezy unloaded ride to your favorite grocery store, coasting reliably around corners; arriving ahead of traffic; parking at the rack directly in front of the entrance; shopping and easily loading your four bags of groceries; then pedaling home, care-free on a bike that handles just as swiftly now that it’s loaded. And grinning when you realize you just turned an errand into a fun, invigorating excursion.

The FreeRadical Hitchless Bicycle Trailer Kit (pictured above attached to a Sun Cruiser bicycle) comes with the FreeRadical base frame, two FreeLoaders, V-Racks, a SnapDeck, cables, chain, and all the small parts you will need to convert your bike into an S.U.B. (9-speed drivetrains may need a new chain as well). If your bike doesn't have either a kickstand mount or chainstay bridge, make sure to order an extra FAP for smooth installation.

Every FreeRadical frame is disc-brake ready should you ever decide to upgrade your braking system. If you intend to use disc brakes right now, you can get the rotor you'll need plus a caliper protector by selecting the "disc brake kit" option above.

More specifics about the modular Xtracycle Accessory System can be viewed on our details page.

The original FreeRadical works best with a 26” hardtail mountain bike with V-brakes or disc brakes. There is now a 700c version for touring, hybrid and city bikes; it is also disc brake compatible. Check out the technical FAQ for detailed info on tire sizes, brakes, and compatibility questions of a deeper nature.

For more information, contact us at 888-537-1401; we’ll be happy to research a specific frame’s compatibility.