Wilderness Road Ride (57 miles) -- Done!

All the folks I was supposed to ride with this weekend for the Wilderness Road Ride ended up not being able to go. I went solo anyway! Being friendly like I am, I did make friends with two other guys while out on the ride. Their names: "Bus Driver" Darren (or "B.D." for short) and a high school VP, David. Both men are from Elkin, N.C. and were good-humored and excellent pullers. It ended up being an excellent ride.

I followed the ride with a cool shower and an excellent dinner at the Texas Steakhouse where I ate a steak sizzler, sweet potato, West Texas Salad, four yummy yeast rolls, a 400 mg ibuprofen, washed down with unsweet iced tea! It's just about nap time, now ...

My stats for the ride ended up being:

  • Route: Wilderness Road Ride (57 miles)
  • CLIMBING: 3368.7 ft

  • AVG SPEED: 15.4 mph

  • RUN TIME: 04:01:53
  • RUN DIST: 62 mi
  • BEST PACE: 01:31/mi
  • BEST SPEED: 39.3 mph
  • CALORIES: 2813 cal
  • REST TIME: 00:25:13
  • REST DIST: 74.82 ft
  • TOTAL TIME: 04:27:06
  • TOTAL DIST: 62 mi
My legs are tired and at one point I did have to hop off and run uphill for about .10 of a mile. (I ran out of gears riding only my double!) Otherwise, it was a good, steady pace with uphills ranging from 6-12 mph and downhills screaming by at 30+ mph speeds. Lovely, long, swoopy turns, too. The best!

After the ride, David suggested the Tour de Nantahala on Sat. 11/03 as a good late-season ride. It does sound like it could be fun, but I bet it's COLD!

The details for Nantahala are below as found on the NCDOT Calendar of Events:
Nantahala Outdoor Cemter
Kathy Alllison, 13077 Hwy 19 W., Bryson City, NC 28713
(828) 488-7176 x 485 • www.noc.com