Sinus Irrigation is FANTASTIC!

I do sports. Well, I try to do sports as much as possible. Since moving to BBurg, however, the fall/winter mold is killing my sinuses. I hate taking drugs. Oprah (yes, the one from TV) suggested something called a Neti Pot. I got one for Florin (le boyfriend). He loves it and it helped him immensely. I tried it out. It works, but I wasn't so keen on the amount of (forceful) pressure that I felt was being delivered. It made me want to shove Q-tips into my ear canals.

I did some more research online and found out about something called Sinus Irrigation. It's a method of sinus cleansing that uses a device that looks amazingly like my WaterPik. Sure enough, they are more-or-less the same. So ... I have a WaterPik Model WP-65 and I bought the little "SinuPulse replacement sinus irrigator tip" (made by Health Solutions, Model SPST) from It didn't say on the web site that it would fit WaterPik WP-65, but it did say that it fit the WaterPik 60 and 70. I figured that WP-65 was in-between and it would probably work. (It fits! It does work! To the left is a picture of it.)

I LOVE it. I like it so much better than the SinuCleanse Nasal Wash/Neti Pot (image on right), if only because I can control the pressure coming out of the WaterPik and thus, the sinus irrigator tip. I also really like the pulsating action; it causes less pressure upon my tear ducts and ears. I've also found that I only need to use it every 2-3 days to have completely clear sinuses for just about that long. It's amazing. I have to say that it's really making breathing easier which is making exercising a lot easier, too.

I only wish I had known about this sooner. I've told all of my friends and family about it. I really doubted it would work, but I'm glad that it does. Probably the best $15 I've spent in a long time.