A Day of Death

Man, what a depressing way to end the day. :(

There's been a lot of talk of death today. First, my sister asks me about the VT Shootings. I really haven't revisited it much in my mind since last April 16. Probably for a good reason. (It's depressing.)

Katrina Cometa (of the Radford cycling group) was recently attacked by a dog while she was cycling. She lucked out, breaking hips and other bones. But I just learned that Forrest "Fess" Green, a professor at Radford University, was riding his bicycle when struck by a car. He passed away today in the Roanoke ICU. Don, a Pulaski cyclist just placed a memorial for Fess on the introduction (Enter) page of thedrivewaygear.com. Iain wrote the below email to the NRVBA listserv:


I'm sure many of you have stories of Fess Green as I do. I hope you bring them in your hearts to Fess's service later this week (arrangements to be announced). I think his wife, Millie, would very much appreciate your attendance an hearing your appreciation and memories of Fess.

It is difficult to think of a person who has been more involved and giving to NRV cycling in his own way than Fess. As Matt O'Toole now does for the NRVBA, he fought persistently, stubbornly, intelligently, and patiently to improve the lot of cyclists, young and old, in this valley. Without him, there is some question whether the bicycle path in Radford would exist. Without him, it is doubtful that planning for alternate methods of transportation in the NRV would have been considered 10 years ago. Cantankerous, yes! Opinionated, yes! A man who involved himself in giving back to his community, YES! They don't make them any better.

I also remember my rides with him. His learning to use clipless pedals--ouch! His fondness for a rollicking good time. His stories of his wanderings around the world on his bike, in a canoe, on a hike, and even by cruise ship. His wisdom about the confounding frustrations of trying to get community projects implemented. Many of us are riding, hiking, and water-crafting on improvements that Fess was an instrumental part of. His authorship of a book communicating his passion for the history of this area and cycling culminating in his book:


I've attached a few pictures of Fess (thanks to Katrina Cometa & Linda Burk for contributing). This is how I will remember him.

Blessed, following winds, my friend and colleague,