Circles: Wasting energy in an energy challenged world

OMG. Rick Crawford just described my dream office:

"We need to get rid of business suits, and make sure every facility has showers so that people doing big business feel clean and comfy after they commute to work on their bikes. It should be cool to do big business in casual clothes that can be stuffed into a backpack. And put a laundry room in the office too."

Read all about his "rant" here:

I, too, have come to realize commuting by bike is something so much bigger and better than just feeding my inner hamster.


Lisa said...

Ooh, that would be so cool! I am lucky that they put in a covered bike rack for us though. At least they were thinking people WOULD ride to work. There are 3 of us that ride.

I felt SO guilty when I wasn't bike commuting. My conceince also feels better this week. :)

E-Dub said...

Feeding your inner hamster... hehe... that's funny.

Libor said...

Sounds like my world in a sense, but I have a suit behind the back door and a box of clothing under the desk. But yes, EVERYONE should have a place of work like he described.