It's been a long 3 months, but I'm finally back!

Workouts of any shape, kind, or form ceased three months ago when I started the fall semester. Why? Well, I learned that I would have to find time to:

  1. work full-time
  2. take two graduate-level courses
  3. complete and pass my Ph.D. Preliminary Oral & Written Examination, and
  4. wrap-up my M.S. thesis defense.
I sat and figured it out and it broke down like this:
  • There are 168 hours in a week.
  • I work at least 45 hours a week (leaving me 123 hours).
  • I'm in class a total of 6 hours a week (117 left).
  • I spent 12 hours a week doing homework (105 left).
  • Researching, writing, and re-writing for my prelim was another 12 hours every week (93 left).
  • Writing, re-writing, and revising my M.S. thesis took another 5 hours every week (88 left).
  • I did my best to sleep 8 hours any given night (24 left).
  • I ate twice a day (10 left) and showered once a day (3 left).
  • Errands, laundry, paying bills, cooking, and organizing took the remainder of my time (0).
There would be NO time left to go workout, let alone be planning for it! It was then I decided to just "let it go" for now. And I did. And while I missed it terribly and I've gained another 10 lbs., I'm glad I didn't let it stress me out. I've completed all of the above tasks, made the marks, and am finally free of the burdens! I can workout again ...

... this morning, I rode my commuter bike, Juniper, to the gym and partook in the Strictly Strength group weightlifting class at The Weight Club. It was tough (and humbling) to be starting from scratch again, but it felt so empowering and so good to get back in there and sweat a little. I'm a little achy/sore now, but I'm looking forward to walking it off tomorrow with my dog and boyfriend. I think I'm the only person who loves Winter Break for the fact that I can finally find time to workout and lose weight! Ha, ha!