Week 00: Stats and Weigh-Ins

Grim, I know. But I've decided it would be best if I actually shared (broadcast?) my progress, in both weights: on the scale and on the bench! I mean, I'm NOT doing this triathlon for weight loss, but I am curious to know if conditioning for it will make any noticeable difference in 10 weeks ... or 10 months. You know? And Hell, maybe I'd be good to know how I'm feeling during all this stuff anyway.

Sunday, June 12, 2005*

The Measurements
Scale 189.2 lbs.
Body Fat ~45.5%

Neck 12"
Upper Arms 13.5"
Forearms 10.5"
Chest 38"
Waist 43"
Hips 45"
Thighs 26"
Calves 15.5"

The Workout
5x a week, 2x a day - step aerobics.

Aerobic HRM
Moderate rate/goal throughout: 153 bpm
the Swim: 143-160 bpm
the Ride: 143-153 bpm
the run: 145-157 bpm

The Nutrition
Watching caloric intake, capping at 2100 kcal/day. (All values below are per day.)

Calories: 2100 kcal
Protein (20%): 104.9 g
Carbohydrates (50%): 262.3 g
Fiber: 25 g
Total Fat (30%): 69.9 g
Saturated Fat: 23.3 g

* This is the date that I really decided I wanted to do a triathlon and seriously started a twice a day cardio workout regimen. So this is my starting point! My Weigh-ins will be weekly, but my measurements will happen monthly. (I'm trying to avoid disappointment.)