Freaking Out: Where to begin?


There is more than enough info. out there about how to get started. The tricky part is realizing how serious am I about this? Do I want to try to compete? And with whom? My sister? Myself? No one? Ack! What am I thinking about doing? Why do I want to do this? What gives?

Do I go it alone or try to train with Diana somehow? She's a strong swimmer and in excellent shape overall. But she lives 1.5 hours away. I'm pretty darn motivated on my own to exercise (have been doing it consistently for the last two years), but what about those days when weightlifting just seems too much?

Should I invite friends to do this with me? I'm always hesitant to do that because conflicting schedules always makes it tough to coordinate. It's too easy to flake with friends, too. (Think: 12 oz. beer curls vs. 12 lb. bicep curls. Which do you want to do?)

And how serious will others be? (Again, how serious am I?) Would we compete? I hate competition simply because there's only one "winner" while everyone else is a "loser." And I don't really think anyone likes being a loser. So, generally, competition just really goes against my personal beliefs, morals, and values.

Besides, who would I ask to join me? Who would actually be likely to do this? Josh? Jon? Berta? Paca? Athena? Robyn? James? Leah? Others?