You Have Been Invited ...

Dear Friend(s),

You have been invited to participate in the registration and/or training for a Triathlon Sprint scheduled for September 11, 2005 at Pacific Grove, CA from 7:00 AM - Noon.

And so, in a car trip to drop Berta off at the Sacramento airport, I persuaded Jenn to join me in this journey. I knew that if Jenn was in, Berta wouldn't be far behind.

I'm really thinking about making this a girls thing. Something positive and encouraging for women starting out in triathlons. I'm also planning on inviting Laura, Sam, and Robyn to training sessions. I want as many of my female friends as possible because I think we could partner off better ... and I'd be having one hell of a time. Killing two birds with one stone: working out and hanging out. I like it!

I think this could be a lot of fun!