The Costly Endeavor of Swimming, Biking, Running

So, this triathlon brings money concerns. (Between a cross-country move and the upcoming triathlon, there's not much moolah to play with!) So, my hubby asked that I return one pair of goggles and hold off from buying more stuff until after our move to Virginia.

So, I returned the cool mint Vanquisher googles to Fleet Feet to which Sam and her good taste picked them up and bought them. Happy for her, sad for me.

But, there's some money to play with after all! And this afternoon, my sweetie of a husband of mine did not object when I pestered and then purchased the following items (which I really did want in the first place!)

Speedo Vanquisher Goggles Women
Speedo Serenity Silicone Cap

Sweet. So at least if I don't actually triathlonate well (yes, I made that up 'cause I don't actually want to "race"), I'll at least look good while triathlonating.

Hooray for vanity!