I See ... Competition?

My sixth sense is telling me that competition has crept in. So, I was obliged to give my two cents worth about why we're even doing this thing:

"After much careful thought and deliberation, I've found myself in a position to state the following:

There is no one here to which you should compare yourself to. The only (one and true) competitor is YOURSELF." And only yourself. No one part of this group should (or even consider) comparing themselves to others.

Why state this? Because I'm a true believer that only yourself is truly capable and able to determine what is and is not possible given the time and abilities that we all have. Some of us will be strong swimmers, or strong riders, or strong runners, or combination thereof. But as far as I can assess, none of us are the strongest or the weakest at anything we do.

We're all the best at what we're doing, simply and only because we are doing it. I think this is fundamental to who we are as a group and as a team in working together.And if any of you are thinking otherwise, I'd be happy to kick your ass or slap you upside the head if you even think otherwise. I'm proud of each and everyone of you gals involved in this activity. And you each should be proud of yourself.

Remember, we each started somewhere, it's where you end up (the finish line) that matters in the end. 'Nuff said."

Awwww ... what an inspirational piece. Funny thing is, I really did mean everything I said in it. Seven pints of Michelob Ultra beer will do that to a person.