My Legs Lust for a ...

My Legs Lust for a ... New bike.

Spent time today looking at entry-level triathlon bikes. A friend of mine pointed me towards this one, and it comes in a really pretty "cloud blue." Not that the color should matter, but for some reason my fashionista kicked in.

Anyway, I wish I had $600 to blow on a cool, fast, slender bike. Maybe someday I'll get to, when I have a cool, fast, slender body? Ha ha ha. I'm not holding my breath or my bank account for that to happen. I just need a justifiable reason for the purchase to satisfy the hubby ...

So what am I riding? I've got a mountain bike with studded tires and elevated handles. So if I'm slow, there's your reason why. (Or so I like to think.) At least I KNOW I'm getting a good workout from it.

Jiggles cruises at 22mph or more on her road bike, but she's kind enough to settle for our (my) measly 14-15 mph. State Puff and the Punisher also have mountain bikes, but seem to fare much better than I. I'm not upset about always being last or slowest as I'm really working on consistency and steady pacing, but I'm mystified as to the reason why I'm always laggin' when everyone else is totally cruisin'. Maybe I've got short legs? Maybe I've got a squirrel stuck in my brakes (you have to ride in our park to understand). Maybe, just maybe, I'm simply slower.

And maybe being slower is all right in the end. Because, if I remember right, the turtle finished. And finishing = winning in my book. Chalk one up for me. Hooray!