Week 02: Day 03 Reflections


It was definitely an eye-opener for me. Swimming is going to be something I'm really going to have to spend a little more time on. Scary thought.

I was much more afraid of the swimming than I let onto. Today freaked me out while I was there and for the very first few laps, I was nervous and even frightened at one point when I accidentally gulped some water.

Then Jenn showed up and I no longer felt silly, stupid, embarrassed, or scared. It was great to swim with someone by my side, alternating kickboards and buoys with.

Still, I have to work on swimming. I'm thinking about doing swim drills or at least some really easy laps on one of our other workout days (not the off days). I simply need the practice, not the conditioning, if that makes sense.

ARGH. Well, at least it's the first part of the event, saving the "best" for last!