Today, I Learned Something

Today was a good, educational day for me.

I learned that my gut was right--you are not to wear underwear with cycling shorts!

I learned that there is a National Going Commando Day when I was searching for the previous information.

I learned how to get to Durham, CA from Chico, CA by bicycle.

I learned that although cycling shorts feel like Depends(tm) when you're walking around, you come to depend on how comfy they make 20+ miles.

I learned that I can go fast on my bicycle, even though it's a mountain bike and only has 26x1.25 slicks on it.

I (sorta') learned how to change a flat on the road.

I learned exactly how walnuts are harvested. (Shake-ah-shake-ah-shake-ah!)

I learned that I really do prefer riding with company--the time passes so quickly!

I learned how drafting requires patience, confidence, and trust.

I learned that some guys actually do look good in cycle shorts and jerseys.

I (re-)learned that I like new people and making new friends.

I learned that Topeak and Schwinn essentially make the same bike computer.
(So the lost manual for my Schwinn 12 function computer was easily replaced by the "easy to find and download" Topeak Comp 130 manual.)

I learned that sharing a breakfast burrito and Java shake is a great, (half-)guilty pleasure!

I learned that sometimes you just have to take a nap, so you might as well get comfortable.

I learned that sore knees and a mildy achy back isn't so bad when it's for such an impressive goal.

I learned that so much can happen in a day!