I am so kicking my own butt!

This week of training is what my friends and I affectionately call, "burn-out week."

Pushing harder, further, faster, until you can't take it anymore. Actually, I'm never that hardcore. I can always finish something, but it just might take me a might longer. And I'm still just starting out, so what I'm doing below, many others could do as their warm-up. But--hey--you gotta' start somewhere, right?

I swam an hour-and-a-half solid. I did speed intervals in spinning for 45 minutes and then ran 5.5 mph for a full 30 minutes. I cycled outside all over hills and steep grades and felt 30+ mph coming downhill. I swam, biked, and ran today. It's been a really great week.

AND, I got on the scale and looked. And got off and back on again. Once more, because the darn thing had to be broken. But no, it wasn't. I even checked by using my roommate's. I've lost a total of 22 lbs. since I've started back in June. I've lost 10 in these past 6 weeks alone. I'm not even dieting. Man, I'm feeling good.