I be a running fool after all …

Today rocked! I got my gal pal, Sam, back from the clutches of her visiting boyfriend and dragged her lily-white-butt to the gym with me this morning. The plan: 60 minutes of running, and ~30 minutes of arm and core weights to follow.

And rocked that plan we did! I've got some serious improvement in this past week alone! I haven't been running all that much more, but my cycling has been incessant (8 days running) and has involved a lot of leg power. In the past, I've been excited to run 30 minutes non-stop at 5.0-5.5 mph. Today, I blew that away! I "breaked" no slower than 4.5 mph, ran no slower than 5.0 mph, and even sprinted up to 7.5 mph.

Sweet! Granted, it's a treadmill, but it's still the best I've ever done on a treadmill! Check out my stats if you want all the info. Overall, totally awesome morning! I love starting the day like this!