*GROAN* … who's calling before 5 AM?

It was 10:30 PM. I had just thrown on my PJ's and flopped across my bed to pet Torchy, my tubby tabby cat. Next thing I know, the phone's ringing and I'm muttering from beneath the darkness of the covers, "Who the hell is calling before 5 o'clock AM?"

I dig my way out from under the sheets and am blinded by the cataloupe orange glow of a well-risen sun. I'm confused. I look at my clock while answering the phone. It's my husband, and it's 7:00 AM. "What are you still doing at home?" he asks. Indeed, what am I still doing here?

I TOTALLY overslept and missed my 1.5 hour swim workout. ARGH! And I had to be at work in less than an hour. I'm still not really awake and it's nearly Noon. I hate mornings like that.

It really doesn't help that I'm also a little achy and sore from lifting weights yesterday. I had forgotten what sore muscles really feel like. I've been experiencing fatigue and trembling at times, and a good burn, but not actual lactic acid soreness. This morning reminded me all to well of it!

I'm bummed, too, because I must get some swimming in this week. Now I have to squeeze an hour in at lunch, and it's always so much harder to train without my coach. I tend to take swimming too easy without someone telling me what to do and how hard to push. No wonder it's my toughest area to work on.

Oh, well. Do what I can, whenever I can. At least I know it'll finish waking me up!