Week 16, Sunday 10/9 - Run

Training stats on the day's run ...

Sunday, October 9, 2005

The Run

Location: Harding Ave.-->Orchard View Ln.-->Harding Ave. (Virginia)

Distance: 2.0 miles

Terrain: Moderately hilly, paved

  • 15 Minutes - Warm-up: 0-2% grade; 15 minutes: 3.5 mph.

  • 15 Minutes - Intervals: 0-3% grade; 3 minutes at 5.0 mph; 1 minute at 4.0 mph.

  • 10 Minutes - Cooldown: 0-2% grade; 10 minutes at <5.0 mph;

  • BPM: Unknown (HRM broken)


For something as short as 2.0 miles, it was the hardest 2.0 miles I've done all week! I think I'm finally just fatigued and need some time off. The steepness wasn't bad, but I just couldn't seem to get myself moving. Nothing ever "kicked in" and I left feeling totally ambushed by the whole event. Even my hubby felt like it was near impossible to do it today. Well, at least we did something. Better luck next time, I suppose!