Week 15, Saturday 10/8 - Run

Training stats on the day's run ...

Saturday, October 8, 2005

The Run

Location: Harding Ave.-->Main Post Office-->Harding Ave. (Virginia)

Distance: 4.5 miles

Terrain: Hilly, paved

  • 5 Minutes - Warm-up: 0-2% grade; 5 minutes: 3.5 mph.

  • 50 Minutes - Intervals: 0-6% grade; 4 minutes at 5.0 mph; 1 minute at 4.5 mph.

  • 5 Minutes - Cooldown: 0-2% grade; 5 minutes at <5.0 mph;

  • BPM: Unknown (HRM broken)


Ugh. I'm starting to feel really worn-down! I didn't run earlier this morning, and so I became cranky and irritable. I'm unhappy with eating (out) all the time w/my hubby and I feel bloated and restless. Grrrrr ... He said he couldn't go workout with me today, but I can't skip because I'm feeling caged! So, I went out without him. I'm so glad that I did because I feel a world of hurt better. My mental balance has returned! Phew! I didn't push as hard today, probably because I'm exhausted from all this hill work! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do as well tomorrow, either. Maybe I need a few days off to recoup?