Week 17, Friday 10/21 - Bike

Training stats for the day's cycling ...


Location: CSUC

Course: CSUC --> Cohasset --> Meridian Flats --> CSUC

Terrain: Hill, flat; paved

Distance and/or Time: 35 miles, 3 hours

Speed or RPE: 12.4 mph, 8 (harder)

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Bike


Another ass-kickin' ride. This one really did kick my booty along with my quads and lower back! The climb to Cohasset is brutal. It's longer and seems steeper than the Honeyrun ride, but I'm pretty sure that it's only longer and not steeper. Aside from that, I'm in good shape, but not as quick as some of the other guys in my class. Again, I was the only female that finished the ride, although we were on a time constraint, so I was 0.75 miles from the "Welcome to Cohasset" sign before we (as a group) had to turn back. Grrrrrrrr ... so close! Well, I'll do it next time! I say, I did have to get off the bike and run/walk three separate times because I was avoiding using "Granny gear." In that case, I think I was doing admirably. And I passed one guy, and dropped another (not that I was trying to). One the flats, however, I bonked and crawled home at a measly 15-16 mph pace. It was everything I could do not to stop, curl up, and call home for a ride. Thank god for my pride.