Week 17, Saturday 10/22 - Pilates

Training stats for the day's pilates ...


City, State: Chico, CA

Location: Chico Sports Club

Course and/or Class: Pilates Mat Class

Terrain: N/A

Distance and/or Time: 1 hour

Speed or RPE: 6 (somewhat harder)

Saturday, October 22, 2005



Just when I think I'm in shape ... I realize that I'm not. It's akin to that adage, "The more you learn, the less you know." This appears to be the case with exercise and athletics as well. Sam and I went to the Pilates mat class at the prompting of my coach. I was complaining of worsening back pain as I increase the running and swimming. He feels that I have weak core muscles, so I should go strengthen them. "Do pilates twice a week," he said. Ok. So I went, and was schooled by women in their 80's! Ack. Talk about a humbling experience. I was shaking like a leaf, but so was Sam. I took a lot of comfort from the fact that she shared my same inadequacies. Now, we're hooked. Twice a week, in addition to our Swimming, running, cylcing, spinning, and weights? Sure, no problem. After all, we're (becoming) athletes.