Week 18, Saturday 10/29 - Pilates

Training stats for the day's pilates ...


City, State: Chico, CA

Location: Chico Sports Club

Course and/or Class: Pilates Mat Class

Terrain: N/A

Distance and/or Time: 1 hour

Speed or RPE: 6 (somewhat harder)

Saturday, October 29, 2005



I'm starting to feel two things about Pilates: (1) I'm afraid to go because it's such a great workout and I know I'll hurt later, and (2) Damn, this shiznit is really great! Luckily, it's the second thought that wins the mental converstational battle. But get this: I've got abs! Abs, I tell you. Already. I've gone only three times and I have ab muscles that are tight. Granted, I still can't see them. Even if I poke myself, I have a little too much insulation before I get to them, but inside I can feel them. I feel them whenever I move, breathe, and even when I sit! I'm glad it's only three days a week because I'd have a hard time staying away otherwise. Hee, hee!