RUN Week 1, Saturday 11/12 - Walk

"It's 8 weeks until the end."


City, State: Chico, CA

Location: Upper Bidwell

Course: Gobble Wobble Walk/Run

Terrain: Hilly. Rocky. (HR 111-125 bpm)

Distance and/or Time: 5k, a lotta' minutes

Speed or RPE: 3.0 mph, 3 (light)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Walk

  • 60 Minutes - Easy Chatty Walk: 2-4% grade; all minutes at ~3.0 mph;


  • Upshot: Super easy workout; all walking and talking.

  • Downside: Somewhat hungover. Fear talking.

  • What I'm most proud of: Sam and I really had a heart-to-heart about so many changes about to take place in both of our lives.

  • What I would do differently: Absolutely nothing.


It's 8 weeks until the end. The end of my time with my sisters in California, that is. It's getting really hard to deal with. Sam and I are both excited and optimistic about Minnesota and Virginia, respectively. It's just that it's going to be such a major change for us. Diana doesn't live in the same town as us anyway, so it's not so severe for her, but even she gets really upset when we start to talk about moving away.

This walk-and-talk episode is really what Sam and I needed to do before we shove off. We're so scared in a way (even though we know we'll always be fine), and we're so worried about not keeping with our training or not having as good of Tri buddies to workout with (even though we'll always stick to it anyway).

I guess it's just harder to leave something so comfortable behind when you're not so sure the next thing is guaranteed to be better. It helps, though, to know that we'll get to spread our individuallity wings more. Diana blossomed into such an admirably strong and successful woman once she moved away and found her own path, so I'm anxious to see what greatness Sam will obtain when no longer subconsciously holding herself back. As for myself, I anticipate worthwhile academic rewards and a happy reunification with my husband, so in short, success as well.

But, just to be safe, I have my fingers crossed for all of us. ;-)