Maybe it wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve had.

Up Old Humboldt with my new ride! (Yes, a new-to-me bicycle. We’ll have more on that in a later post!)

It’s almost effortless to ride this bicycle, but decidedly different from what I’m used to. I’ll say that hills are even more enjoyable now …

WAY TOO HOT of a day (~95 degree F). Had to stop 10 times for 2 mins apiece to let dizziness and nausea subside while going uphill. Occassionallly a cooling breeze floated by.

FREAKY downhill. Tire/brake started smelling and then squealing and wouldn’t stop. I was so scared. Still getting used to being so close to the bicycle and to the ground. Thinking a face sheild might be a good idea. Ha, ha!

More to come when I’m not in such a rush (gotta’ shower to go have dinner with the ‘rents!)