My Ironsherpa

EveryMan Triathlon got me thinking with this excerpt:
An Ironsherpa is the person in your life who carries your load so that you can train and race. It can be your husband or wife. It can be your mother or father, sister or brother or perhaps your best friend.

An Ironsherpa is that person in your life who puts up with all your triathlon talk, who rubs your sore muscles, who cooks your recovery meals, who makes your bed on those early mornings, who takes the kids to school so you can swim, who understands why you prefer a long run to a good movie, who does not mind your constant dress code of workout clothes, who goes to the bike store with you and smiles politely while you discuss the merits of this or that wheel, who gives up his or her vacation plans around your race schedule, who washes your smelly socks, who buys your protein powder, who puts up with your bike lust, who works while you play, who makes your pre-race peanut butter and jelly sandwich, who took up running because you run, who understands why you are too tired, who understands why you really really need to ride today, and who stands in the crowd cheering you on as you cross the finish line.
My husband is most definitely my Ironsherpa. (I guess he’s really just my OlyTriSherpa, but that just doesn’t sound as good.) Anyway, I wanted to shout out to my Ironsherpa, Josh, with a big THANK YOU! Your support and understanding goes far beyond any words I could ever say.