No training, just workouts (of the physical and mental kind).

There’s only two weeks left for me in California. It started raining yesterday; after 90+ degree weather, I take the rain as a most welcome reprieve.

With no upcoming event to train for, I’ve no set plan for training. Soon, Amelia will need to be boxed and shipped “home” to Virginia. That makes be rather sad. For approximately 7-10 days Amelia will be grounded by UPS and the only flying I will do will be from thirty-thousand feet up in the air.

My entire life right now is devoted to enjoying the moments as they pass. I’m not fretting over my MS degree right now. I’m not freaking out about an upcoming event. No time is being spent nursing that troublesome hip or groin muscle. I’m just taking a little “me” time to work on this last transition; my own “T3″: changing from California to Virginia. It’s not as hard as all those T1 and T2 bricks I’ve done before. Not by any means. This one is really quite seemless.

So what am I doing with myself? I wish I had some hard, defining answer. I’m working out when I want to, going as long and pushing only as hard as I want to. I’m eating whatever I feel like eating when I want to eat it. And you know what the strangest part is?

I’ve never been in a better state of fitness.

I feel fresh everyday. I’m rested, I’m calm. I’m faster and more focused than ever before. Everything I do feels as though it’s been greased with a fine layer of confidence. I’m actually craving things like fruits, veggies (spinach!), broiled fish, nuts, oatmeal, all-bran! I’ve no injuries or pains; they’ve melted away to someplace I know not of.

I’m not pounding the pavement; I’m the leaf scuttling across it. I’m not riding the bicycle; I am the two-wheeled machine. I’m not the barge plowing through the water; I am … still the barge plowing through the water. Well, I suppose I can’t have it all just yet, but two-out-of-three ain’t bad.

And last week felt like a dream. For a week “without training,” it was a really successful–and fun–week: