“Official Fitness Journal 2006 Standings”

Oh, this is kinda’ sweet! Here I am, feeling bad and bemoaning the fact that I’ve been SLACKING in my workouts this past week. I’m sitting here thinking, Oh geez. The weather sucks. The darkness sucks. My weight sucks. My motivation sucks. Bah, I suck.

And then I log into my FitnessJournal website and see this announcement:

Official Fitness Journal 2006 Standings
By popular request, you can now see if you made the top 250 in total workouts, distance, calories, hours, or steps! This chart is located in the charts and graphs section and is re-calculated hourly.
Egads, what is this? I click on my charts section and see something that just makes my day, and quite possibly my life to date--Oh, that is so cool. I’m 41st out of the top 250! Granted, it’s not all athletes at this site, but it makes me feel like I’ve done something and that I shouldn’t just give up just because I haven’t been as incredible lately. If nothing else, it goes to show that it does all add up in the end. And that’s what matters most.

So, I’m going to go jogging tomorrow with Calen even if it’s only for 20 minutes if only because every little bit counts.