Tweets from my European Trip

These are the tweets that I couldn't send via text messaging (for some reason or another). I'll write a longer, follow-up blog at some point, but for now, you'll get the picture:

07/25/07 7:04 PM
Had an apertif and appetizer, 3 course dinner, & a bottle of fine wine. European food is so good!

07/26/07 6:50 PM
I ran for 32 min (4 on/1 off) & ate a lot of bread, cheese, and coldcuts today. Yea!

07/27/07 5:08 AM
Just getting up to go walk. No running today; knees need a day off!

07/31/07 10:22 PM
Driving thru former eastern country, Romania. Truly astounding!

08/01/07 7:00 PM
The Romanian cntryside is incredibly beautiful. The home I'm in now is in the heart of the old city, Brasov. Wow!

08/03/07 2:00 PM
Visited Romanian Sinaia's castle Pelesh. Fantastic woodwork and marble structures.

08/04/07 10:49 AM
OMG, I'm glad I went running! Breakfast was bell peppers, feta cheese aged in pine bark, tomatos, cucumbers, 3 kinds of smoked ham, yogurt w/fresh honey, break w/fresh butter & homemade plum jam. I'm getting fat, but I think I'm ok w/that. :)

08/07/07 10:04 AM
Last night: Another evening of eating and drinking, but this time w/ppl my age. Yea! More shopping to do today.

08/08/07 9:00 AM
Departing Romania soon. Heading to Germany to see Uli & Max. Then back to Sweden to work. Then coming back to the good ol' USA.

08/11/07 9:42 AM
OMG. The car broke down. Stuck in Romania on the side of a narrow, winding, mountain road. Tow truck is 2 hours away.

08/11/07 5:44 PM
OMG, the car broke down outside of Cluj. Been stranded since 9:30 AM. Dealing w/repairs, insurance, and getting a rental car for over 8 hrs. Still waiting.

08/11/07 8:44 PM
OMG, the car broke down outside of Cluj, Romania. Stranded, but safe at least! Still dealing w/repair issues, insurance (jerks!) and trying to get a rental car. Fun stuff--not!

08/11/07 8:47 PM
@Uli It's Amber. I won't be able to visit u. Our car broke down. I'm stuck in romania until tomorrow and then we'll be catching a plane to Sweden. I'm sorry. Text me when you get this!

08/11/07 9:52 PM
I'm still stuck in Romania. Plane no longer an option--no seats available! May have to ride a minibus driven by a lunatic for 7 hrs to get to Budapest. Can get a rental car there, tho.

08/13/07 8:09 AM
Made it to Budapest! Got a rental car! Made it to Wurzburg, Germany last night. Filled up on bread, butter, liverwurst, and tea. Off to Sweden!

08/14/07 4:46 PM
Made it to Sweden. Packed up and am sooooo ready to come home! If only I was returning to Cali and not BBurg. Na, gut.


Bike Chick said...

Sounds like fun. And running too. :) Hope you have pictures.