Why I volunteer for Century events

Whenever I cannot ride an event, I try to volunteer my time instead. It's great because I get to help and encourage people, drool over hot cyclist bodies and bikes, and support my love of the sport so that year after year we'll have these events to do. Sometimes, we get feedback, and other times we don't. The recent NRVBA Mountains of Misery ride the following comments came in. It's comments like these that keep me jazzed about volunteering for century cycling events:

"Great rest stops–well timed and well stocked." -- Chris DeFalco

"Everything was just excellent, well-organized, great rest stops, good food, and most of all, the -people- who worked all the stops were the nicest, friendliest and most helpful I have ever encountered on any century ride.

Some standouts: The girl at the school rest stop who put 4 cups of ICE in my camelbak, and the lady who ran along beside us about halfway up the last climb dousing us with water and then giving us a push up the hill. Also, all the people who just offered encouragement in the last mile. Wonderful." -- Charles Bouldin

"Thanks for another fantastically supported ride. Also, the volunteer staff needs to be praised for their outstanding contributions. Specifically, their cheerfulness, their encouragement along some of the climbs, the cold drinks and food ready as needed. Thanks again to the young man that filled my water bottles for me with 9 miles to go. Thanks to the enthusiastic angel for the misting with 2 miles to go." -- Morrison


Bike Chick said...

"drool over hot cyclist bodies and bikes" So with you there. :)

Thanks for being a volunteer!