I'm Teaching My First Spinning Class This Sunday!

I'm teaching my very first Spinning class this Sunday! I'll be leading the NRVBA Club winter training class ... I'm a little nervous, so I've asked Ava Howard to do it with me and she has agreed. (Phew!)

I'm thinking about doing something different from the normal spin routine. I really like the "Monster Drills" that Cheri (from Chico Sports Club) had us do, but I'm also thinking about doing something more "realistic" that is actually based upon real, outside road conditions. Maybe a "ride Mt. Tabor" session in which the 4 hour ride is condensed into 1.5, and equating the different elevation profile with the different levels of difficulty? I dunno. Usually we get in there and hammer away ... I know that often I want more variety in the spinning classes. It's not because I'm bored, it's just that I hate sprints but love climbs because I'm a weak sprinter and a strong climber. Making me do sprints is probably really good for me. :)

I'll let you know what I ended up doing ...


Berta said...

Oh I miss Monster Drills! Cheri doesn't work at CSC anymore unfortunately :( I miss her.

Let me know how your class goes. I bet you'll do awesome!