Back on the training plan.

I'm back on the training plan.

It's been a few years since I last did a triathlon. Grad school and full-time work really isn't all that conducive for a regular training schedule. Sure, I can do it, but at the cost of other things that I had deemed to be of more importance. Now, with summer here again and I'm steadily getting a handle on my not-so-new job, I've got the time, the desire, and the plan in hand.

So far, I'm about 2 weeks behind in my workouts, but I actually made attempts to do it last week. It went surprisingly well. I was really sore after my weights and run workouts on Thursday, but I took Friday to walk it off and Saturday was Le Boyfriend's birthday party so that was an off day, too. Just as well. I rode and rode hard today, but the late evening heat is murderous! It's 91 degrees F and 42% humidity. Ugh! Anyway, it was a short, but sweet ride and now that I'm home in front of the fan with a cold compress to my head, I'm feeling infinitely better. The ride is as follows:

Something pretty cool happened yesterday during the party. The discussion of cycling came up, and although I'm no means hardcore anymore (like I ever really was!), several partygoers requested a basic cycling ride with me. Most of them were women. I was really surprised, but then I guess I remember being like that only 3 years ago myself. To be honest, this is a real opportunity. My cardio is fantastic, but my strength and endurance so far this cycling season is shit. If there was ever a time for so-called "lesser" riders to join me, now would be the time! I have the know-how of cycling and all the bizzare-etiquette down-pat. Besides, I like to teach and I could use a few easy rides that would at least just get me into the saddle a few more times a week (I can always follow up with a run or swim to cap the session.) So, I thought about it and I'm looking forward to starting up an easy-ride cycling group this week with some friends and acquaintances.

I suspect it'll be one of those things where we meet at Huckleberry and God-only-knows what kind of outfits and shoes and bikes I'll see. I'm thinking of scheduling two rides: one for Friends and Family which will be an anything goes SLOW ride on a protected trail; the other will be a very basic Beginning Road Cycling group and we'll discuss clothing, nutrition, signaling, etiquette, spinning/cadence, terrain strategies, and underwear vs. chamois. :)