A Groin Gone Bad!

My crotch hurts.

Okay, maybe that's a bit extreme and too graphic for our imagination, but truth is, my right groin muscle HATES me right now. I played soccer today with a bunch of insane, rough-playing, guys. Last week when I played, I was really into it. Today, I just wasn't "feeling it" and I think it showed. But that's not the point. The point is that I started to get tired of being runaround and out-maneuvered, so I began to up my game. I got rougher, more aggressive in my plays for the ball, and I ended up getting into some serious face-offs with some of the guys. One of the plays ended with me and a guy both missing the ball and crossing legs and feet at full force from opposite directions. His right pink-shoe clad foot went into my right black cleated foot and both of us were stopped dead in our tracks upon contact. I actually think my foot bounced off of his a little bit. In any case, my foot went instantly numb and a shock of sorts travelled up my leg and well into my lower back. It subsided fairly quickly and I resumed play, but every kick thereafter was weaker, and my fine motor control of the right foot seemed impaired. I realized after a half an hour that my right foot was dragging across the grass as I "ran." It didn't take me much longer to realize that I couldn't lift my foot off of the ground more than an inch or two without excrutiating pain radiating out of my groin.

PANIC! My triathlon is less than a month away!

Let's hope it heals with IB Proferin and a heating pad tonight.


Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope it heals fast!

Amber D. Evans said...

Me too! So far, I've kept the heating pad on it, gotten lots of rest, and haven't done any kind of exercise. Today was the first day I wasn't limping around, so I think I might try some easy spinning and/or swimming tomorrow.

Definitely no kicking soccer balls, though!