Blog slacker, but Workouts on Par!

I'm more or less back into the swing of it all again.

I had a pitiful May, an okay June, a great July, and am aiming for an awesome August, but only time will tell. :) So far, so good, though.

What I've been doing
I've been in the saddle commuting (it's really easy to get 30 minutes a day this way) and walking with Calen in the mornings to the store to pick up fresh produce for the day's breakfast (another 30 minutes roundtrip). I even started swimming and it was much easier and so much more pleasant than I last remembered. I've been on several longer rides (50 miles) over the weekends and a lot of shorter (1 hour), but intense interval ("Muscle Monday") rides as well. Even added in a little weight training and Pilates to round it out. I've been a little scant on running, but I'm not really planning on running most of the Pacific Grove Triathlon event, anyway. (I'm planning on jog/walking the 10k. I'm only looking to finish, not be awesome!)

What I haven't been doing
I've been slacking on the food control for about two years. I've gained back 26 of the 45 lbs. I'd lost. I was looking at the weight charts today and I was pretty amused at how I've been gaining two pounds every month for the past two years. That's 7,000 excess calories a month. It really does add up over time! (Shit!) Anyway, I figured I'd start back with exercising in May (check) and once that was manageable, I'd get back into eating healthy and watching my portion control (which started this month). I have to say, it's not bad since I've enlisted the help of Le Boyfriend. I've tasked him with arriving at restaurants earlier than me and ordering predetermined "healthy" options for me. Plus, he's been eating half of my food and that's been great!


Lisa said...

Woo! That's great. Yeah for bike commuting. I hope you are enjoying it.

Great plan with Le Boyfriend too :)