Week 02: The Workouts

Aerobic HRM

Moderate rate/goal throughout: 153 bpm

  • the Swim: 143-160 bpm
  • the Ride: 143-153 bpm
  • the run: 145-157 bpm

Day 1
7/5/2005 @ 5:00 PM at the gym

Run: 15 minutes

  • 9 minute warm-up
  • alternate running 1 minute and walking 1 minute for 15 minutes
  • 6 minute cool-down walk

Weights: 45 minutes of upper body training

Day 2
7/6/2005 @ 5:30 PM at the One Mile, Lower Bidwell Park

Bike: 5 miles

  • warm-up: 10 minute spin (easy)
  • main portion: cycle in your aerobic zone
  • cool-down: spin easy... bring your HR down for last 5 minutes

Day 3
7/7/2005 @ 5:00 AM at the gym

Swim: 200 yards total

  • warmup: 50 freestyle easy
  • main set: 4 x 25 easy style
  • swim down: 50 very easy

Day 4 - Off!

Day 5
7/9/2005 @ 8:00 AM at the gym

Run/Walk: 30 minutes

  • 9 minute warm-up
  • alternate running 1 minute and walking 1 minute for 16 minutes
  • 5 minute cool-down walk

Weights: 45 minutes of upper body training

  • In pairs: your own pace, your own routine


Ams Evans said...

Day 2 Report

Bike: Specialized HardRock Mtn. Bike
Location: Home-Park-Home
Starting Mood: Lethargic and cranky
Ending Mood: Feeling flushed, hungry, and awesome.

Time: 1 hr. 42 min.
Distance: 21.22 miles.
Avg speed: 12.4 mph (includes 20 min. cooldown)

For the first time in awhile, I'm actually pretty tired (and my quads are fatigued)! I'm glad I went, even though it caused me to miss dinner with one of my best friends.

I'm starting to realize that I just signed my life away for awhile. I am owned by the triathlon training. Hmmmmm ....

Spent time today looking at entry-level triathlon bikes. A friend of mine pointed me towards this one, and it comes in a really pretty "cloud blue." Not that the color should matter, but for some reason my fashionista kicked in.

Anyway, I wish I had $600 to blow on a cool, fast, slender bike. Maybe someday I'll get to, when I have a cool, fast, slender body? Ha ha ha. I'm not holding my breath or my bank account for that to happen. I just need a justifiable reason for the purchase to satisfy the hubby ...

So what am I riding? I've got a mountain bike with studded tires and elevated handles. So if I'm slow, there's your reason why. (Or so I like to think.) At least I KNOW I'm getting a good workout from it.

Jiggles cruises at 22mph or more on her road bike, but she's kind enough to settle for our (my) measly 14-15 mph. State Puff and the Punisher also have mountain bikes, but seem to fare much better than I. I'm not upset about always being last or slowest as I'm really working on consistency and steady pacing, but I'm mystified as to the reason why I'm always laggin' when everyone else is totally cruisin'. Maybe I've got short legs? Maybe I've got a squirrel stuck in my brakes (you have to ride in our park to understand). Maybe, just maybe, I'm simply slower.

And maybe being slower is all right in the end. Because, if I remember right, the turtle finished. And finishing = winning in my book. Chalk one up for me. Hooray!

Ams Evans said...

Day 3 Report

Laps: 4 laps, 200 yards
Start: 110 bpm
Average: 165 bpm
Max: 171 bpm

It was definitely an eye-opener for me. Swimming is going to be something I'm really going to have to spend a little more time on. Scary thought.

I was much more afraid of the swimming than I let onto. Today freaked me out while I was there and for the very first few laps, I was nervous and even frightened at one point when I accidentally gulped some water.

Then Jenn showed up and I no longer felt silly, stupid, embarrassed, or scared. It was great to swim with someone by my side, alternating kickboards and buoys with.

Still, I have to work on swimming. I'm thinking about doing swim drills or at least some really easy laps on one of our other workout days (not the off days). I simply need the practice, not the conditioning, if that makes sense.

ARGH. Well, at least it's the first part of the event, saving the "best" for last!

Ams Evans said...

Day 4 Report

Warm-up: 3.0-4.0 mph
Intervals: 4.3-5.3 mph
Cool-Down: 4.3-2.0

Upper body and Core, no legs.

I wasn't feeling as spunky as last time we ran, but I held on well.

It was nice to have our newest member, Sam, joining us! (It's particularly nice for me to have a partner to lift with!)

Weights went so much easier this time, and I'm not even sore today. Yea! I'm thinking this twice a week weights thing will be way more all right than I had originally thought.

So, a thanks again to the ladies for staying true and showing up! I'm looking forward to seeing them all at the bike ride this evening. (I need to work off all that homegrown bacon of Jenn's!)