What am I really looking for?

I am seriously considering the Giant OCR 3 bike. It comes in so many sizes (like the people who ride them!)

I already feel more physically tired than ever before, but more *energized* or *stimulated* in the head and in general feelings. I suppose this is why I've been addicted to Step Aerobics classes for the last 2 years! It's the rush of feeling better (and the self-perception of looking better)! I also feel like things are firmer (arms & abs) and that I look better even though it can't possibly be so.

So, speaking of which, I caught myself standing in front of the mirror looking for that as-of-yet-undeveloped but oh-so-totally-self-perceived thigh muscle line. How lame is that? I caught myself totally scoping myself out in the mirror, trying to flex the sexy calf line while in my heels.

As Busty Jiggles had mentioned, the vanity seems to go hand-in-hand with the workouts. But why? What is it--really--that I'm looking for?