Back on Track, but Scared of Tomorrow.

I was "bad" last night. I ate rich, sinful food (Thai Chicken, peanut sauce, apple pie ala mode) and drank a Watermelon Schmirnoff. Oh, and it was heavenly. But this morning, it felt a little more like lead. Other than that, things were more or less like normal.

At least I had my workout buddy as an accomplice to the food crime. It's always a lot more fun when you're being bad as a group! Anyway, she was going to skip out on our morning run, but I decided that we should still go, we'd just go later in the morning. Seven in the morning seems so much more reasonable than 5:30 AM.

It was much easier. I slept in until 6:00 AM and was out the door by 6:20 . I hopped on my MTB and rode the 10 miles in the direction of my gym. I kept the pace around 16 mph and arrived in time to grab my usual treadmill next to my friend. We were going to take it easier than we had on Tuesday, since we were both still feeling sore.

And I was good; I did take it fairly easy. I didn't do any intervals or sprints, just a good, steady climb up a long treadmill hill. I completed my 40 minutes of work and stretched and felt really good about it all.

But I am worried about tomorrow. My quads and glutes and lower back are still achy and sore and even feel that constant "burn" of being nearly overworked. And tomorrow I have my cycling class where we'll be doing the Honeyrun Covered Bridge ride. It's a great climb with beautiful scenery. I'm just worried I won't be able to make it, that I may have done a little too much this week to be able to sustain the climb.

Well, I'll get to bed early tonight and not swim tomorrow, giving me some chance to recover. I just hope it's enough.