Week 13, Friday, 9/23 - Bike

Training stats for the Honeyrun biking today ...

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Bike

CSUC --> Honeyrun --> Paradise --> Neal Rd. --> Durham --> CSUC

I covered 38.44 miles. 13.1 mph avg. 2 hours 55 minutes (includes breaks and stops).

4 miles 2% grade, 6 miles 7% grade. Remainder flats.


Ass-kickin' ride! Totally and completely worked me and slapped me

around like a little sissy, but I finished it! It's one of the steeper

hill climbs in the area and while short, demands a lot. I am so

stoked. And coming down from that ride--oh my Lord. Oh my good Lord.

It was orgasmic! Beautiful scenery, smooth roads, fast speeds (38+

mph!), and FUN. I can't hardly wait until I do it again! I'm already