Sometimes, being bad is great

... especially when it puts things in perspective. I've been "party-girl-free" for 3 months. Last night, along with my two other tri-friends, we were all bad, and it felt so good!

Well, at least until this morning! Ha, ha. Actually, it's pretty funny because the three of us as recently as three months ago used to hang out and eat fried foods, regularly drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and cloves, and stay up late and sleep in 'til noon on weekends. We were your quintessential (and stupid?) livin'-it-up college girls!

And that's all changed now. Now we go to bed at 10 PM. We get up at 5:00 AM. We workout for at least an hour-and-a-half everyday. We eat light and regularly throughout the day, viewing food as fuel with function and not as fun. And we've become alcoholic lightweights--cheap dates, if you will.

So last night was a "blast from the past" gala for ourselves, and we really took to it like a moth to a flame. Old habits die hard, I suppose? Decked out in our sexiest clothes, wearing makeup, dangling earrings, and heels, we hit Tres Hombres (Mexican) and chased it with La Salles (dance club and bar). It was the first time in what seems like such a long time that I drank too much, danced too long and hard, stayed up 'til dawn, and smoked like a chimney. And while it was fun and even a bit "crazy," I woke up this morning at 10 AM feeling fine, realizing that I don't really miss that lifestyle after all.

I was more than happy this morning to get back to my "normal" life of exercise and health. Interesting, really. I'm not sure when being healthy became "normal" for me.

Caught between worlds that morning, I seriously contemplated working out and ultimately decided that I'd just take it easy and rest. (Finally a day off after 13 days of consecutive exercise!) I ate waffles with syrup, did laundry, ran errands, caught up on phone calls to friends long neglected, and napped with my kitty. Oh, and I must've brushed my teeth, mouth, and tongue a hundred times since I couldn't seem to shake the stench of the smokes. BLECH! (*Shudder*) Aside from that, it was a pretty great "off" day to an "off" night. And I'm fine if I don't get another one of those again for quite some time!

A lazy Sunday for a sinful Saturday. Looking forwards to a motivating Monday! I'm so ready for it!