Week 17, Tuesday 10/18 - Spinning

Training stats on the day's spinning class ...


Location: Chico Sports Club

Course: Spinning Room

Terrain: Mixed

Distance and/or Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Speed or RPE: 6 (somewhat hard)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Spinning Class


  • High spinning, low gear

  • Lots of 2's and 3's positions

  • "Mashing" the high gears

  • "Sits", "Stands", and others ...


Spinning is helping my hill climbing out in "the real world." This was my second visit to the spinning class this month. This time, I was prepared for how much I perspire! Armed with two 16 oz. bottles, wearing a specially formulated tank top (read: polyester) and my trusty chamois, I was ready! I had a great time and was able to complete all the sits, position 2's, and found the position 3's to be a welcomed break (and so much easier than in the past!). I'm looking forward to seeing if this makes all the difference I need to get up to Cohasset this Friday or not!