RUN Week 2, Friday 11/18 - Run

"I'm in the land of the hillies."


City, State: Blacksburg, VA

Location: City

Course: Harding --> Patrick Henry (Loop)

Terrain: Hilly. Paved. (HR 105-155 bpm)

Distance and/or Time: 2.34 miles, 65 minutes

Speed or RPE: 2.16 mph, 2 (very easy)

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Run

  • 5 Minutes - Warm-up: 5 minutes at 5% grade.

  • 45 Minutes - Intervals: 20 minutes at HR 155 bpm; 25 minutes at HR 105 bpm.

  • 15 Minutes - Cooldown: 0% grade; 5 minutes at <5.0 mph;


  • Upshot: Ridiculously easy workout; all walking.

  • Downside: Dealing with Josh's asthma.

  • What I'm most proud of: That I didn't just ditch my husband.

  • What I would do differently: Enlist in a workout buddy that doesn't suffer from everything-induced asthma and/or forgets their inhaler.


I'm in the land of the hillies. Hills, hills, everywhere. I'm so down and ready to take them all on. I set out today to jaunt over to the grocery store with my newly-inducted-runner hubby in tow when he decides he wants to "take up the pace."

"Go for it," I say. I'm still doing base training. And in short time, I catch up to him. And pass him. And then lose him. And then had to run back looking for him. Found him. Silly man forgot his inhaler. That ended the trip. We never even made it to the store! Ended up driving the car because it's 22 degrees outside and very dark after 6 pm, and I no go solo even though I'm a tough chickie.

So, short run, but that's okay. Next one will be better.