RUN Week 2, Thursday 11/17 - Run

"I got my man to go with me."


City, State: Blacksburg, VA

Location: The Huckleberry Trail

Course: Library --> 2.5 Marker (Loop)

Terrain: Hilly. Paved. (HR 125-165 bpm)

Distance and/or Time: 5.0 miles, 60 minutes

Speed or RPE: 5.0 mph, 3 (easy)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Run

  • 10 Minutes - Warm-up: 0-4% grade; 5 minutes at 4.0mph; 1 minute at 5.0mph.

  • 45 Minutes - Intervals: 5 minutes at HR 135bpm; 10 minutes at HR 155bpm.

  • 5 Minutes - Cooldown: 0% grade; 5 minutes at <5.0 mph;

  • BPM: 135-155


  • Upshot: Easy workout, could go forever at this pace.

  • Downside: I look like a jogger.

  • What I'm most proud of: That I got the hubby, Josh, to go with me.

  • What I would do differently: Go further. I really wanted to, but my man isn't quite up to the challenge just yet. (For the record, his intentions are!)


I got my man to go with me. I haven't seen him in two months, and I step off the plane and "H-E-L-L-O! Who is the hottie waiting for me? Yeow!" He's been eating less and working out more, he says. That may be so, and I couldn't be happier. Talk about H-O-T. Muy Caliente, mi Babino! Funny thing is, I'm still kicking his butt on the road.

I was trying to explain this whole base training thing and he's like, "Oh, whatever. This isn't really hard. We could go faster." Being stubborn, I state that I'm sticking to my heart rate range and that I'd catch up to him later. Not long after, I caught up to him. And I passed him. And kept going. Eventually, he caught back up to me, breathless and suggesting we go back before I get too tired. Me tired? I wasn't tired. Huh, of course, I get it.

"I'm tired. Let's head back." I graciously say. Funny, and I was just about to suggest that we run/walk the whole 10 miles of the trail. Guess not today. :D