Week 19, Friday 11/4 - Pilates

Training stats for the day's pilates ...


City, State: Chico, CA

Location: Chico Sports Club

Course and/or Class: Pilates Mat Class

Terrain: N/A

Distance and/or Time: 1 hour

Speed or RPE: 5 (somewhat hard)

Friday, November 4, 2005

The Pilates Class

  • C-Curve work

  • Ab Series

  • Back Extensions

  • Hip Series

  • Tabletop

  • Pilates Press & Heart to Sky


  • Upshot: Two blue mats are way more comfortable.

  • Downside: The blue mats are too short.

  • What I'm most proud of: My abs are so getting stronger!

  • What I would do differently: Work more on keeping my balance steady.


I can definitely see improvement! Already there's noticeable improvement! I feel that deep core muscle and can hold it for so much longer. My back hurts so much less in running and in swimming. This rocks. I can't believe I never did it before!