Week 19, Thursday 11/3 - Run

Training stats for the day's run...


City, State: Chico, CA

Location: Chico Sports Club

Course: Treadmill

Terrain: Hill (Level 12)

Distance and/or Time: 35 minutes

Speed or RPE: 5.2 mph, 6 (somewhat harder)

Thursday, November 3, 2005

The Run

  • 30 Minutes - Intervals: 3-9.2% grade; 1 minute at 5, 7, 8 and 9.2%; 1 minute at 3%.

  • 5 Minutes - Cooldown: 0% grade; 5 minutes at <5.0 mph;

  • BPM: Unknown (HRM broken)


  • Upshot: Short, easy workout.

  • Downside: It's late in the day, and it's just that much harder to do.

  • What I'm most proud of: That I showed up. I was just going to skip out.

  • What I would do differently: Go to bed earlier the night before so I can stick to the morning schedule.


Weather outside is icky. It's cold, rainy, and DARK. I want to run trails, but my shoes aren't good for it. So inside on the treadmill is where Sam and I will be for a while. It was a good run, but it took 20+ minutes for my high to kick in. That's too long. It's so hard when it's late in the day. The motivation just isn't the same. But, I am really glad I went.