Full Moon(s) Ride - Review

Another NRVBA ride–this one’s a social one!


Back by popular demand, a time honored tradition of the NRVBA — the full moon ride to the Waffle House! Let’s do it, Monday, July 10th. We’ll meet at 11:00 PM (yes, that’s in the dark) at the Ellet Valley Food Time. We’ll cruise out Den Hill Road, up Christiansburg Mountain and dine in style at the Waffle House (surely they have missed us!). Then we’ll coast back down through Cambria — won’t even have to worry about anything hard after filling your stomach with those big ole waffles. Front and rear lights are highly recommended even with the full moon.

NON-NRVBA post-ride activities: Rumor has it there may be some mischievous post ride activities but you will have to come to find out about those. : )
Indeed, the Full Moon Ride was a complete and total blast!

Josh and I napped just prior to our departure at 10:30 pm and rode down Ellett in the dark with our measely little bike lights. (YIKES!) Rolling into Food Time, I was freaked out of my gourd. I couldn’t see squat the whole ride down and I was thinking I’d be left behind in the dark soon after departure due to my fear.

I have to say, I was suprised when I rolled into Food Time. Everyone who is 100% cool was there! There were over 12 of us in attendence! There were a lot of bright bike lights (thank goodness) and blinking red ones. And there was a full moon that night, but it wasn’t to be the last moon I saw that night, either! >;)

The course we rode was fast, steep, and dark. The climb uphill to the Waffle House was a bit harder than I thought I’d survive! With only a double as my defense against the evil forces of steepness, it was literally an uphill battle. (Sorry about the pun.) In the end, though, I won! A pecan waffle with sugar-free syrup awaited this fair conquistadora.

A quick jaunt back home on a much easier (and downhill) ride got us back to Food Lion in Ellett where we were presented with a NON-NRVBA sanctioned after-party event: swimming in a quarry. Were we game? Hmmmm … I dunno’. I have to work in the morning. Oh, and I have no suit …

At some point or another Josh and I were swayed and shrugged, “Heck! Why not? We may not get this chance again to find a local hangout at 2:00 AM!” And so off we went in search of the swimming hole. We walked about a half mile across jagged rocks, crossed some train tracks, and crested upon a water-filled quarry. Sweet! It’s so pretty in the moonlight!

The 18-year-old was the first one in and exclaimed that the water was indeed warm. “Liar!” a few of us cried out in jest. It wouldn’t be long before the rest of us would be able to tell whether or not he was telling the truth. Anyone skinny-dipping? I wondered. After all, I hadn’t brought a swimsuit and I really wasn’t thrilled at the idea of riding home uphill while all cold, wet, and with clammy chamois. Ugh. Do I risk being naked or risk chafing? I’d rather be naked, I decided. But only if I’m not the only one.

I got the domino effect going, that’s all I’ll say. Out of the 8 cyclists swimming that night we ended up with 6 skinny-dippers for an excellent, refreshing post-ride event.

For the record, cycling moons are well worth watching. >;)