Gobble de Art — and no, it’s not food.

There’s a cool little art project going on around in my little town of B’Burg. “The first of a series of 75 decorated Hokie Bird statues were unveiled Wednesday at the Blacksburg Municipal Building.” It’s the Gobble de Art! Roanoke Times also has a good article about the fundraising project.

About the Project
The gobblers are coming! Seventy-five fiberglass Hokie Birds will be dressed in their finest for public display in the summer of 2006 all around Blacksburg. At the conclusion of the public display, the Hokie Birds will be auctioned off and placed in a permanent home in October 2006. The public exhibit of Gobble de Art will attract visitors to Blacksburg and be the focus of special events.
All around town these cool Hokie birds have been popping up and all of them are so full of creativity and beauty that I couldn’t help but stop my cycling rides (more than a few times) to snap a few cell phone photos of the ones I have passed by. I think I fully intend on finding them all in the town, if nothing else to help continue to familiarize myself with the neighborhoods. Truly, these finely “dressed up” Hokie birds are quite beautiful and breathtaking (and often whimsical) to see.